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These limited table games have some enhanced health & safety protocols in place. Table games that require guests to handle the cards will be excluded at this time including but not limited to; Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Three Card Poker, and Mississippi Stud.

  • Guests can enjoy Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Mini Baccarat with the following enhanced social distancing measures in place: Every other table will be open, Three guests maximum per most table games, Three guests maximum on each side of Craps tables, For Baccarat only the dealer will touch the cards.




Over 80 table games dealing non-stop excitement

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like the live action of your favorite table game!

Experience maximum thrills in our High Limit Table Game Area or join the blackjack scene in our smoke-free casino, Turtle Island. Grab a seat and get into whichever game you love!

Let It Ride, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and Three Card Poker are trademarks used under license from SHFL entertainment, Inc. Availability for certain tables is based on schedule and expected demand.



House Money
Where you win instantly if your first two cards are:
• Ace-King Suited
• Straight Flush
• Pair
• Straight
Winnings from side bet can be added to standard Blackjack wager.

Bet the Set “21”
Where you wager on your first two cards being a pair.
Pair pays 10 to 1.
Suited Pair pays 15 to 1.
All bonus payouts apply to the player’s first two cards only.

Royal Match 21
Wage on your first 2 cards being the same suit.
Royal Match pays 25 to 1 (King-Queen Suited)
Two Suited Cards pays 2.5 to 1
All bonus payouts apply to the player’s first two cards only.


Fortune Pai Gow Poker

Wager $5 or more on the Fortune Bonus for an ENVY BUTTON. The ENVY BONUS pays out on 4 of a Kind or better by any player.

A player cannot win ENVY Bonuses for his or her own hand or the dealer’s hand.


Dragon Bonus

Place your wager before cards are dealt. The bonus pays out up to 30 to 1.  Payout level is based on how many points you win by.

Bonus pays out on natural wins or better. Ties push. All other results are a loss.


Ultimate Texas Hold'Em

The action of Texas Hold'em combined with player vs. dealer play!


Play against the dealer in this strategic card game where you try to get as close to 21 as possible. Think your ace is waiting for you?


The most popular chance game in the world. Stack it on the pass line and play the odds to land a lucky 7 winner.


Red…or black? Pick a color, pick a number or spread it all around in this classic table game where a little white ball can be your best friend.

Mini Baccarat

Nine is the number of choice in this vintage card game – where each face card is worth zero and you play against the banker for the jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Keep your bluffs to yourself - this version of five-card stud pits each player against the dealer. No poker face? No problem.

Mississippi Stud

Combining the best parts of Texas Hold ’em, Let it Ride and Three-Card Poker, Mississippi Stud features a five-card hand with three in the community. Instead of competing against the dealer, you can raise or fold as the cards are revealed. Beat a pair of jacks, and you’ll win!

Let It Ride Bonus®

Kick back and enjoy the easy pace of this five-card Poker game, where players wager on the hands created by their three cards and two community cards.

Pai Gow Poker

In this Poker version of Pai Gow Tiles, each player tries to create two winning hands from seven cards, a five-card big hand and a two-card small hand.

Three Card Poker

The original version of Poker, Three Card Poker pits each player against the dealer to get the best hand in a game of chance and strategy.

Four Card Poker

The original version of Poker, Four Card Poker pits each player against the dealer to get the best hand in a game of chance and strategy.

Spanish 21

In this variation on Blackjack, four 10-spot cards are removed from the deck and a player’s 21 will always beat out the dealer’s 21.

Big Six (Money Wheel)

A simple, popular and exciting table game for all. Place wagers on your selected denominations and if the wheel lands on that denomination, you win. The payouts vary, as provided on the table.

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